How can Mavens & Moguls help you grow your business and build your brand?

Brand & Market Strategy

We can assist you in a variety of categories and industries and can help you understand the competitive landscape from first-hand experience and knowledge. Examples of recent client projects include a fuel cell company, switching gear manufacturer, professional service firm, sports equipment manufacturer and an office products and service business.

Market Research & Segmentation Analysis

Mavens & Moguls have run market research groups for startups and Fortune 500 companies, have conducted literally hundreds of market research projects, and have had doctoral training in state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Recent projects include one for a Middle East Investment Group, another for top VC firms' due diligence and research for a new investment in a company which targets the seniors market. Mavens & Moguls working on that team included the former head of market research for a large ad agency and former Senate staff from the Subcommittee on Aging under Bush 41 and President Clinton.

Ethnic & International Marketing
Our team was hired to do a multicultural marketing study for The New York Times Company entering new markets and for Colgate. We have managed profitable brands around the world, and have developed international brand strategies for early stage companies as well as multi-billion dollar global firms. We have clients in Latin America, Far East, Middle East who rely on our global team of experts for insight and perspective.
Youth Marketing
Mavens & Moguls have built top brands targeting the coveted 12-24 age group in various categories including music, sporting goods, apparel, cosmetics, and beverages and have advised a major candy manufacturer on revitalizing its brands for the teenage market. In addition, we recently completed projects for both VC-backed wireless and toy companies on the East Coast and another targeting new graduates starting their careers. Mavens & Moguls working on these projects included former VP/CMO level executives from Hasbro, Siebel Systems, and General Mills.
Integrated Marketing
Our team can help your company dramatically improve customer relationships with cohesive strategies and plans including personalization and customization of the user experience. We work with all parts of the marketing mix to insure the target audience is surrounded with consistent messaging and a call to action.
Marketing Communications & Advertising
We have managed advertising budgets ranging from the smallest guerrilla/grassroots levels to multi-million dollar global campaigns featuring celebrities and super models. We know how to make every dollar work hard to grow your business.
Brand Development & Positioning
Mavens & Moguls have revitalized established brands increasing sales by 300% or more and built new brands into household names. We relaunched a 70-year old brand for one client, repositioned a 15-year old business with a fresh and compelling message and helped a new brand find its voice in the market.
Corporate Messaging & Platform Development

Together, our team has “dog years” of experience developing compelling communication strategies for Fortune 500 as well as early stage and emerging companies in industries such as technology, financial services, and energy. We help companies of all sizes build a strong foundation with consistent, cohesive, and relevant messages to reach target audiences effectively.
Database Marketing
Mavens & Moguls have experience building top B2B and B2C brands using traditional as well as online techniques. We have developed successful direct response, snail mail and e-mail based campaigns for dozens of emerging and established companies.
Media Relations

Our team has decades of expertise in corporate communications for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. We have secured national exposure for clients on radio, television, online and in print media such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, National Public Radio, The Today Show, People, Wired, on Oprah, and CNN just to name a few. The Mavens & Moguls PR team worked in house, at top NYC agencies and has written for major daily, weekly and monthly business publications.

Online, SEO & Web Services

Our award-winning web development team has helped organizations establish a strong web presence with web sites that go straight to the top of the search engines. The sites we develop are intuitive and key word rich. Our Search Engine Optimization experts stay current on the algorithms of all the top sites.

Copywriting & Translation Services

We have experts to help you ghostwrite books, write bylined articles, draft web copy, and even translate your work into other languages as needed. Our team includes native speakers of Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, just to name a few. Several Mavens & Moguls have won awards and been recognized by trade associations for their talent and leadership in the industry.

Customer Advocacy

Mavens & Moguls always have the voice of the customer top of mind. We make sure that marketing has a seat at the table. Our global network is strong and we are able to connect the dots and create opportunities for our clients based on our reputations and relationships cultivated over decades of great results.

Product Development, Management & Promotion Pricing

Our team has developed pricing strategies for both products and services including one for a 700+ SKU mass-marketed brand as well as a transportation service organization.

Loyalty Programs

Mavens & Moguls understand the power and economics of repeat customers and can help you design and implement compelling incentive programs to keep customers coming back to your brand.

Customer Acquisition & Retention Campaigns

Our team has published white papers and journal articles on customer loyalty and retention and have advised clients on brand loyalty strategies for both consumer products and business services. We have worked with portfolio companies of top VC firms as well as non-profits to increase acquisition, retention and conversion rates for programs, products and services.


We have developed innovative training programs and workshops for marketing executives in the pharmaceutical, non-profit, security and financial services industries just to name a few. Topics include branding, media, crisis communications, sales, lead generation, customer relationship management and brand positioning.

Customer Relationship Management

Mavens & Moguls understand that world-class CRM requires that all channels know what the customer is thinking and doing. We have first-hand experience insuring that the call center, Web site, e-mail, marketing, sales force automation system and customer service department all work cohesively and have built successful programs that deliver results.

Our team has planned trade shows, book tours, new product launches, press events, sales conferences, media tours and speaking engagements. We also developed the marketing, PR strategy and name of a conference on socially responsible media for the Sundance Film Festival.

Feel free to contact us if our experts can be helpful sharing our knowledge and expertise at your upcoming conference, offsite or event.